The most successful poker stars

Some people suppose that poker is a game only for lucky guys. It isn’t so. It requires an acquisitive mind, great memory, and the capacity to read people. Poker players from the list below have got all these qualities, and due to this, they could win in many tournaments.

Rating is composed, according to the common prize money. The top is arranged in reverse order, from the fifth to the first place. In the list you’ll see their winning amounts of money:

  • 36 740 000$;
  • 37 700 000$;
  • 42 050 000$;
  • 49 100 000$;
  • 56 400 000$.

Rather impressive results, don’t you think so?

5. Dan Smith

Dan Smith

Born in America, this person has early begun to play poker. He has got a logical mindset for some reason. Dan has played chess for a long time before but then decided to try something more profitable. He always showed great results, but the latest four years were the most successful in his career. During this time, he has won almost 27 000 000$. In the 2019th he got third place in Triton Million, and due to this, he was enlisted in the rating of the richest and successful poker players. At the moment, his common winning amount is rated at more than 36 740 000$.

The man has won lots of tournaments, got various titles, prizes and Vavada promo code. For example, he took part in a World Poker Tour and in a championship at the Aussie Millions.

4. Erik Seidel

Erik Seidel

This American has always been an example of stability in the sphere of gambling and played only in the top online casino. Before Erik has begun his career in poker, he tried his strength in narde for eight years.

From 1988th he shows great results, getting unimaginably great sums of money. In 2011th the man got 1st place in the Super High Roller in Aussie Millions Poker Championship and won 2 470 000$.

The American is even enlisted in the Poker Hall of Fame. This person’s common winning amount is about 37 700 000$.

3. Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu

Born in Canada, this man has got six bracelets. In the 2014th he was admitted to be the best player of the decade. In the same year, Daniel was enlisted in the Poker Hall of Fame and wrote Parimatch casino review.

His infatuation has begun when he was 15. At the age of 21, he arrived in Las Vegas to develop himself as a professional player. From the 2007th to the 2019th he was a part of GGNetwork, and nowadays he is an ambassador of the site PokerOK. The biggest prize he has ever won was 8 288 001$.

Daniel Negreanu has written lots of articles about gambling. Also, he comments on various tournaments and teaches other people to play poker. For all this time he has won more than 42 050 000$.

2. Justin Bonomo

Justin Bonomo

A young man rushed into the list of the most significant professional poker players in the 2018th. In that year he has won more than 25 000 000$. Justin is a man of varied attainments. He is fond of the High Roller circuit and always takes part in various events. Justin’s common winning amount increases 49 100 000$.

The man was caught in unfair activities during various online events. So, he created several accounts and took part in tournaments. When it was noticed, Justin was banned. Also, he had to pay rather big penal fines.

1. Bryn Kenney

Bryn Kenney
Double Up Bryn Kenney

Bryn Kenney has also rushed in the list of the most successful poker stars in the 2019th. A year before he wasn’t even popular, but his participation in Triton Million has changed everything. He has got only second place but took 20 563 000$ due to the good pennyworth in Heads-up. He has got 1 WSOP bracelet.

Justin has a recognizable style: glasses, expensive watches, T-shirts, and his cross with diamonds with which he visits almost all the series. This American is known for his outspokenness and loose tongue.

Bryn Kenney has almost gained 56 400 000$. In addition to it, he says that other players should try a lot to surpass him.

So, these were the richest poker players. They know how to win the most complicated games and how to leave opponents behind.