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The Importance of Securing Your Site With HTTPS For SEO

Have you ever paid attention to the URL bar of your browser when you visit certain websites? You will notice the majority of sites these days will have a small lock icon next to them, and when you click on this icon, you’ll be presented with information about the site’s SSL certificate.

Without getting too technical, this means that the site is serving an encrypted connection using HTTPS, which means all traffic between you and the site cannot be read by third parties. This is important for security and ensures that a malicious actor can’t easily steal your credit card details or login credentials for the site you are using. It is also very important that you have secured your site with HTTPS if you are a webmaster.

SEO strategy

Why Should You Bother With Securing Your Site?

These days, the simple truth is that if you don’t secure your site with HTTPS, you are begging to be ignored by most search engines. Google especially takes security of sites carefully, and their Chrome browser will even warn visitors when they are visiting a site that is potentially unsafe.

If your site is secured with HTTPS, you will have a much better chance of making sure Google pays attention to your site. When someone searches for your niche on Google, your site is more likely to show up near the top of the search results if you have secured it, along with practicing other good SEO techniques, such as using keywords.

Securing your site is not only important for making sure search engines pay more attention to you, but it is also simply a good way to build trust with your audience, especially if your site sells products. People feel more comfortable when they know the site they are providing their credit card details to goes the extra mile to ensure their data is protected and secure.

Not only is site security a great SEO strategy to take, but it is a fantastic way for you to show your visitors that you care about protecting their data, and this is a good way to prove that your site is one that can be trusted and that aims to be an authority in its niche.